Blue Wind has developed an innovative elevation and submersing technology by pumping water or air into the tower. The tower is connected to a unique support structure design optimized for next-generation turbines over 12MW. The production of the support structure can utilize existing production lines and use sensationally less steel, resulting in significantly reduced CAPEX. Assembly can be carried out on site by floating out and lowering the support structure and tower at sites where infrastructure like a deepwater quay is not available. Smaller maritime vessels can perform assembly, operation and maintenance, as well as major repairs. Smaller maritime vessels have a lower daily rate, a larger weather window and faster response time, which minimize downtime and result in significantly reduced OPEX. It is important to point out that the turbine supplier must perform a redesign of its traditional turbines to move all the components located in the tower to the top of the nacelle. 

Blue Wind develops technology that can make floating offshore wind financially viable in the future. This makes Blue Wind a catalyst for renewable energy production that supplies the massive scale needed for a sustainable impact. 

– Valinor