Earth Wind & Power (EWP) provides an ESG solution for powering datacenters by utilizing excess energy from gas, wind, solar to cater for the increased computing power demand, without negative impact on existing grids.

EWP will provide turnkey scalable modular datacenter units at local power production facilities around the world. The excess energy produced on site is then utilized for datacenter services when no other offtake is commercially viable, or when demand and energy prices are low. Local datacenters can be deployed in extremely hot climates without compromising the service levels. In addition the implementation can provide financial incentives to initiate new renewable energy projects which otherwise wouldn’t be financially viable. EWP is currently collaborating with several energy companies to enhance their ESG-footprint by finding solutions for their excess energy. EWP is founded by pioneers from wind-, solar-, and international E&P industries.

Excess energy from wind, solar and gas can be stored for later use in batteries and thermal tanks for energy on demand. In addition, surplus energy can also be utilized to power HPC datacenters to provide different types of services. With this new practice EWP creates a sustainable bridge between the excess power in the energy industry and the growing need for sustainable electricity and ESG-standards in the datacenter industry. 

– Valinor