Elleve is an independent firm of designers, innovation consultants, communication specialists and strategic advisors working together to support companies as they grow and develop. They offer a wide range of services and work closely with customers on business development, restructuring, project financing, design and communication services.

Our society is constantly changing, and businesses need to adapt quickly for their services and products to yield results and create value. Together with their customers, Elleve will use their vision “more power to create” to solve complex challenges, navigate risk and identify opportunities. The strength of Elleve lies in the competence and experience of the team, and the ambition to create results together with the customers. Elleve (Eleven in English) offers implementation power in three areas: Innovation consulting, Design services and Communication. By working interdisciplinary, Elleve can shape ambitious projects with their broad competence and solid network. The company can assist in securing loans and grants from public institutions for innovation and change projects. Elleve also identifies project partners and follows up project accounts, as well as takes care of necessary reporting. Customers don´t pay for innovation advisory before funding is received, which helps secure the best possible liquidity for implementation. Committed, experienced and fearless designers help to give customers good insight and a relevant decision basis. This results in design solutions that provide distinction, strengthen the brand and give a competitive advantage. Communication is a strategic tool that must be anchored in the company’s overall strategy, whether you need financing, strengthen your reputation, create greater visibility or you are dealing with a crisis. Elleve delivers a well-thought-out plan and clear messages. They also provide practical advice, write and publish content with the intent that the company’s messages create understanding and engagement.

Elleve supports innovative businesses in developing and promoting tomorrow’s solutions. By refining innovative and competitive solutions, Elleve contribute to developing services and products that create trust and credibility, which is essential to ensure financing and a sustainable business model. Elleve is value-creating and cost-saving for early-stage and established companies that can contribute to achieving a sustainable future.

– Valinor