FishGLOBE was founded in 2013 as has since then worked continuously on the design, development, construction and testing of closed-system aquaculture technologies.

FishGLOBE is based on a unique and patented technology. The globe is made of the environmentally friendly and recyclable material Polyethylene (PE) and is completely autonomous with an integrated feed-raft at the top of the globe. Fish gently “flow” in and out unhindered and unharmed through pipes to well boats, as the globe is pressurized with its closed top. It has a “deep water intake” to avoid salmon lice, a “Particle collection system” (food, feces) to avoid negative impact on the local ecosystem and an optimized water circulation and water replacement system for fish welfare.

FishGLOBE develops technologies that ensure fish welfare as well as financial and environmental considerations for the future requirements of the fish-farming industry. FishGLOBE is designed for the salmon industry to implement new technologies that will ensure a more predictable and sustainable food production.

– Valinor