Heaten develops and builds megawatt-scale heat pumps with very-high temperature, which can recover heat that is traditionally lost in processes to various industrial customers.

Replacing fossil fuels is a massive challenge for existing low temperature (up to 150˚C) industrial heating processes as diverse as paper, food & beverages, chemicals & plastic, textiles, automotive paint & hot molding. Heaten has an 8-year R&D history covering heat-to-power (organic Ranking cycles, ORCs) and power-to-heat machines, which has resulted in the leading industrial Very-High-Temperature Heat Pump (VHTHP) technology platform. The company has successfully delivered process temperatures up to 165°C, but to cover the key market demand in the temperature range of 100-200˚C, Heaten will deliver megawatt-sized industrial heat pumps using the current, proven technology platform. Heaten aims to install the first heatpumps to already identified Venture Clients by the end of 2022, as well as future roadmap to develop 200-400˚C heat pumps.

Today, the industry represents one third of the total energy consumption. 74% of the industrial energy consumption is used for thermal energy, of which 90% is based on fossil fuels. Heat pumps will play an important role in producing heat energy for industrial processes. Heaten develops solutions to decarbonize the industry through the reuse of waste heat that is not currently used.

– Valinor