Heimdall Power offers a rapid transition to fully digitized electric grid assets, which can increase the capacity of the grid by 30%, predict line faults, detect ice buildup, minimise blackouts and make maintenance more effective.

The Heimdall Power Neurons are intelligent sensors that measure everything from power, wire temperature, vibration, sag, and ice buildup on the power lines. ​Data is sent in real time so that companies can initiate maintenance work before the power line falls down and cause a power outages. By using machine learning, Heimdall Power’s proprietary software predicts line faults before they happen, minimises blackouts and makes grid maintenance more effective. The neurons provides the utility companies with real time knowledge about the grid capacity, thus it can also be used as a planning tool to initiate expensive power line projects when there is an actual need to expand the grid capacity. In addition, the utility companies can optimize the energy distibution, which in turn can reduce the overall need to invest in new power lines. The company develops and produces the Neurons in Norway and has several installations in European countries.

A balanced and robust grid with reduced excess energy and increased reliability is necessery to cater for the green shift. Heimdall Power develops innovative solutions that utility companies can use in the enormous electrification work we are facing. Heimdall Power holds a scalable business model for European and global expansion. 

– Valinor