Heimdall Power contributes to better utilization of the power lines and thereby a faster, cheaper and safer transition to a renewable power system. By using advanced sensor technology, algorithms and machine learning, Heimdall Power shows that the power lines have on average 33% or more capacity than the grid companies are aware of.

Heimdall Power’s intelligent sensors, called Neurons, measure real time parameters like current, temperature, vibrations, sag, ice load, etc. The solutions also monitor a number of conditions that give rise to the risk of outages, line faults and power outages. Increased insight from Heimdall Power’s solutions gives the grid companies new opportunities to optimize the utilization of the power system’s overall resources – the cost savings are significant, security of supply increases and we can more quickly connect new renewable power generation and new green industry to the power grid. The neurons give the network companies knowledge in real time, and with this insight, both the power market, system operation, asset management and network investments can become more efficient.

Heimdall Power develops and manufactures its solutions in Norway and has customers and installations in several European countries.

A renewable, cost-effective and reliable power grid is necessary for the green shift. Heimdall Power develops innovative solutions for a critically important element in the transition to a renewable power system and a sustainable future. Heimdall Power holds a scalable business model for European and global expansion. 

– Valinor