Kyoto Group develops an innovative, low cost and modular Thermal Energy Storage solution, that uses hot nitrate salt for use on demand in industrial processes and to generate power. 

The industry is the next sector for decarbonization, and Thermal Energy Storage offers the same benefits as battery electrical storage at a lower cost with no degradation. Kyoto Group develops a thermal energy solution that enables a predictable supply from intermittent energy sources like wind and solar. The system is called HeatCube Thermal Battery and utilizes a modular containerized configuration with an external circulation system to transport liquid salt at very high temperatures for process heat systems. Additionally, the system may be connected to steam turbines to make electricity and set to discharge during peak hours for power grid stability and utility costs. 

Today, the industry represents one third of the total energy consumption. 74% of the industrial energy consumption is used for thermal energy, of which 90% is based on fossil fuels. Kyoto Group is developing solutions for the industry to reconfigure their need for coal- and fossil powered plants and decarbonize their businesses. Kyoto Group holds a scalable business model to cater further European and global expansion. 

– Valinor