Norsk Havvind is an independent and technology-neutral developer of offshore wind projects in Norway and abroad. 

Floating offshore wind is expected to be the next big breakthrough for renewable energy. Offshore wind power is gaining popularity for several reasons. The main reasons are the potential for a lot of wind energy, less acoustics and visual disturbance. However, offshore wind farms are distributed in challenging conditions that require very high costs associated with production, installation, and maintenance of current technology. For this reason, Norsk Havvind is an independent developer of offshore wind projects. Norsk Havvind cooperates with industrial partners on a project basis and is technology neutral in order to select the best solutions for each location. 

Floating offshore wind allows us to harvest a stronger and more consistent wind energy, but it requires technological advances to be profitable. For this reason, an independent developer of offshore wind projects with technology neutrality is the best approach to increase the renewable energy production at sea.

– Valinor