Norsk Industriutvikling is a company that alone and or in partnership with other companies invests, develops and facilitates business areas for green industry.

Norsk Industriutvikling was founded in 2021 and will contribute to existing and newly established industries gaining a fast track to the green shift. The company is currently working, among other things, on the development of what could be Norway’s largest industrial park in Orkland municipality with more than 5,000 acres. The industrial park will have unique access to renewable energy located between two major central grid lines, good infrastructure and last not least an abundant access to skilled labor from the Trondheim region.

In order to facilitate new green industrial areas, it will be essential to combine access to clean power, a gentle development that safeguards biodiversity and a geographical location that is attractive for a highly skilled workforce. Norsk Industriutvikling works to identify, invest, develop and facilitate locations that will be among the very best in Europe and particularly attractive for power- and area-demanding businesses.