SustainSolar provides containerized, high-quality, durable solutions for renewable power generation and battery storage for rural and remote locations across Africa.

The product range of SustainSolar are designed and manufactured in Africa with world-class components. A standardized and modular product offering significantly simplify the configuration, procurement, logistics and installation of a solar PV power generation plant. The turn-key approach reduces the complexity and risk for off-grid and mini-grid developers and EPCs, which increases the implementation speed. Additionally, battery storage, water pumps, water treatment and refrigeration are possible to incorporate for a multipurpose off-grid solution. SustainSolar further offer asset financing and rent-to-own models for their solutions which address another, significant problem rural electrification projects are facing; the large upfront cash requirements. 

African emerging economies are facing major challenges in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goal about Affordable and Clean Energy. On the African continent, over 600 million people live without access to reliable and safe electricity. Sustain Solar provides a financially viable solution to provide renewable energy and off-grid applications for rural and remote locations across Africa. 

– Valinor