Watbots develops autonomous robots for daily washing, inspection and advanced analysis of fish farming nets. The company has not yet come out with the actual concept and plans for unveiling August 2021.

Biomass growth on fish farms is today a major challenge for the industry. Traditional measures are costly, have a negative impact on fish welfare and pollute the environment with copper around the fish farms. An autonomous robot with daily washing of fish farming nets will ensure a gentle treatment that reduces wear and damage, as well as extending the life of the net. Advanced analyzes of the note’s condition result in lower maintenance costs and ongoing reports of possible adverse events will reduce the risk of fish escaping. In addition, a quiet washing process will not stress salmon and cleaner fish as traditional washing methods do today, which will ensure better fish welfare.

Watbots develops technologies that ensure fish welfare as well as financial and environmental considerations for the future requirements of the fish farming industry. Watbots is designed for the salmon industry to implement the technology in existing production to ensure a more predictable and sustainable food production.

– Valinor