The company changes name to Valinor. The change in name supports its identity and is built on “stronger together”

The name Valinor combines “Vali”, which is inspired by the words “Value”, “Validation”, and “Valiancy”, and “nor” which shows a company that is proud of and actively uses its Norwegian origin in its positioning.

Valinor is value-driven in all operations and investments with a long-term focus on a sustainable world. Valinor values other businesses and see potential for growth and synergies between companies and target areas. Valinor will show what opportunities there are in a changing world.

The logo consists of three individual part shaped like a V. These represent the key words “Value”, “Validation” and “Valiancy”. The company’s origins are abstractly depicted through Norwegian fjords and mountains. The form of the logo also creates associations to aquaculture, growth and cooperation, where unstable elements are made stable together, standing firm on two legs — it shows the way towards a sustainable future.

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