What we do

Creating a sustainable legacy

Valinor makes early-stage investments in cutting-edge companies to enable solutions for tomorrow. With a focused and long-term portfolio within renewable energy, infrastructure and aquaculture new synergies are created which accelerate the development for a sustainable future. Together we cheer on competitive solutions and help each other across sectors in adversity and prosperity. Valinor rolls up its sleeves. Innovative solutions must be scaled to achieve a real impact on people and planet.

Valinor creates a sustainable legacy by reinvesting 90 percent of our returns in renewable energy, infrastructure, and aquaculture — for a better future.

Innovation needs focused capital

We work with others to promote innovative and competitive solutions for a sustainable future.

Innovation needs focused capital

We work with others to promote innovative and competitive solutions for a sustainable future.

Our investment philosophy

The future consequences of climate change are uncertain, but the trends are clear and this means that we must act now. This requires investments that take people and our planet into account, while energy demands are met in an efficient manner.

To meet the current and future challenges of climate change, we need a huge volume of renewable energy production. In Europe alone, two thirds of electricity production comes from non-renewable sources. Valinor makes up for lost time in the fight against climate change by looking to solar and wind power production on land and at sea.

The underlying structures that facilitate an efficient and comfortable everyday life need to be improved to ensure quality of life in an uncertain future. Therefore, we develop and invest in technology that responds to society’s future challenges.

Valinor believes in a future where infrastructure is redefined to deliver prosperity – by including digitalization, electrical infrastructure, mobility, use of materials and manufacturing. Valinor invests in technology that will help us, give us new opportunities, build trust, bring people together and form the basis of a prosperous future.

Climate change already affects food production on land due to increased severity of natural disasters such as floods and droughts. In a world with an ever-increasing population and living standards, we need to make full use of the ocean’s resource potential in a sustainable way to ensure predictable food production.

Investing in innovative solutions that open up new areas for environmentally friendly food production, Valinor aims to secure the oceans ecosystem while simultaneously providing nutritious food. Valinor is actively involved in companies developing closed systems, solutions for reuse of existing infrastructure and technology allowing for offshore fish farms. The ocean is a key factor to ensuring a sustainable legacy.