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FishGLOBE: granted development permits

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: January 3, 2020

  • Company: FishGLOBE works on closed-system aquaculture technology that is developed to make the salmon industry more profitable, more sustainable, and with better fish welfare.

FishGLOBE develops floating, closed-system technologies  for the aquaculture industry.
The Directorate of Fisheries confirmed that FishGLOBE will receive two development permits for their full scale fish farm called FishGLOBE V6. This is a 31.000 kbm facility with a capasity of 2.300 tonnes of fish. 

FishGLOBE V5 is the post-smolt facility that served as a prototype for the full scale fish farm FishGLOBE V6. This facility is the biggest PE-plastic construction in the world, and has provided the company with a unique and valuable experience.

We are grateful that the Directorate of Fisheries has concluded that we forfill the objectives and conditions for development permits, says Tor Hellestøl, CEO of FishGLOBE. We nota that, according to the Directorate of Fisheries, FishGLOBE has “significant improvements compared to existing closed and semi-closed facilities”.


Animation about the post-smolt facility FishGLOBE V5 .



Time laps from the construction of the first FishGLOBE V5 and it’s transport in June 2019, from Bamle to Lysefjorden, Norway.