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FishGLOBE: has reached a major milestone in its second post-molt project

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: September 1, 2021

  • Company: FishGLOBE works on closed-system aquaculture technology that is developed to make the salmon industry more profitable, more sustainable, and with better fish welfare.

Today we reached a major milestone in our secont 3.5k project, says Tor Magne Madsen, Project Manager at FishGLOBE. The 94 ton top with all technical equipment was lifted on the bottom section, and now there are a few weeks of welding left before we can move it into the sea, Madsen explains.

FishGLOBE is constructing its second closed-system fish farm, with some improvements based on its first design delivered in 2019. FishGLOBE is a unique Norwegian pattented technology that makes the fish farming industry more systainable with better fish welfare, eliminating challenges related to local environmental emissions, escaped fish and salmon lice.

The production of the second globe with a size volume of 3500 m3 has progressed well and FishGLOBE is very pleased with how the minimalistic and mobile production area has worked in practice. We are very pleased with the progress and the work our contract partner Uponor Infra and their contractor Bluegree, as well as the technical system supplier Icon Systems do for us, concludes Madsen.