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Halodi Robotics: in partnership with american safety and security provider

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 9, 2021

  • Company: 1X Technologies’ mission is to create the first mass producible humanoid robot platform that provide services to further the well-being of mankind.

Halodi Robotics recently entered into a partnership with both Strongpoint and Altopack, for disruptive innovation in the retail market. Halodi Robotics has now secured a third partnership with ADT Commercial, a leading provider of security and safety services in the US.

Partnering with a security leader like ADT Commercial will help us to realize our robotics’ full potential to complement the physical security space, said Bernt Øivind Børnich, CEO at Halodi Robotics. If a smoke alarm is triggered or in case of a ongoing burglary, you can’t send in a security guard as a firefighter or police officer, so often times buildings must be evacuated and emergency services have to be called, Børnich explains. In this regard, robots will be a great supplement for security providers, which can be applied in demanding situations.

The contract with ADT provides Halodi Robotics with around NOK 25 million in fresh capital, and gives ADT the opportunity to double its investment if the sales target is achieved. We currently have 23 employees from 11 countries and have managed to recruit the very best for what has become a world-leading robot environment here in Moss, says Børnich. In addition, we are looking to fill 15 new positions, so we expect to double the staff during this year, Børnich concludes.