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Zaptec: wins international design award for best product design

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 27, 2022

  • Company: Zaptec is world-leading on smart charging systems for electric cars in housing co-operatives, businesses and at home.

Last year, Zaptec picked up a Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category. This year, as part of the international design competition, Zaptec won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, for best product design, for its innovative Zaptec Go electric vehicle (EV) charger.

The Zaptec Go is a sleek and compact charger that blends Scandanavian design with industry-leading EV charging technology for speed and efficiency. Now, its award-winning design has been recognised with an internationally recognisable Red Dot Award.

It’s really gratifying to receive the Red Dot Award, said Magnus Pallesen, Hardware Development Manager at Zaptec. It is official recognition of all the hard work that our engineers and designers have put into creating the Zaptec Go. It packs a lot of technology ‘under the hood’ and we have really worked hard to get the product down to the size that it is. Not only it is user friendly with a number of advanced features, but it is also easy for the electricians, with a streamlined installation process, Pallesen explained.

Zaptec collaborated with Elleve during the industrial design process. Elleve is an independent company consisting of designers, innovation consultants and communication advisors who specialize in creating profitable and more sustainable strategies, products and services for growing companies.

For us, the greatest challenge was designing a charger that people really wanted to have on their wall, said Mats Henriksen, Principle Designer at Elleve. Something that was functional, housing advanced technology that also would fit in with the rest of their home’s design and décor. Equally, it needed to be something identifiable and true to the Zaptec brand, a clear identity that would make it a benchmark product in the category. We are very pleased with the final result and believe we have met our ambitions, Henriksen concluded.