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FishGLOBE: has launched its second fish farm

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: October 8, 2021

  • Company: FishGLOBE works on closed-system aquaculture technology that is developed to make the salmon industry more profitable, more sustainable, and with better fish welfare.

FishGLOBE launched its second postmolt fish farm today and is scheduled to be towed to Erfjord. This second globe was built on a simple and mobile site that can be relocated so that future globes can be built globally close to the customers.

Through the construction of the first two globes, we now have a supply chain that can be moved to a site where fish farming companies globally may want our globes, says Tor Magne Madsen, project and sales director at FishGLOBE. We are now in a commercial phase and with the good results we have from two years in operation, we keep our promises: No fish escapes, no lice treatment, sludge collection, good fish welfare and last but not least, excellent fish growth results, Madsen explains.

Uponor has produced panels from its factory in Vaasa and sent these to the workplace in Bamle for assembly. ICON Systems is the contractor for all technical equipment and integration of the unique autonomous system on the globe. FishGLOBE has an intake of water under the fish lice belt to eliminate lice problems. The globe creates a stable environment that protects the fish and provide an optimal flow speed so that the fish can be active to become extra robust for a life in open cages after reaching approx. one kilo, Madsen concludes.